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What I mean by a “proof” is when you need to provide someone with a photocopy of your ID, sometimes this photocopy needs a stamp from a police station. This ID is different from a driver’s license. Oh by the way, there is no need to renew your driver’s license ever. Once you have it, it’s valid for the rest of your life.

The national ID went through some changes in 2005, and information about occupation, address, and spouse name were removed. Because my husband’ ID is an old version, it has other information such as religion, finger print, eye color, hair color and nationality (these also don’t exist in a new version).



3 thoughts on “ID

  1. I like that though. The info on our drivers licenses don’t change and we don’t ever have to take the test again, but just so the state can make money, we have to pay every 5 years to basically get a new expiration date


  2. The real paranoia starts when you finally change your ID (in order to update any piece of info you need to change it). Your ID number changes when you replace the ID card. The police will issue no certificate to the effect that “ID #XXX now became #YYY” so suddenly you’ll want to verify your identity to the bank or the phone company and they’ll want your OLD id number, and a copy of your OLD id (you did remember to keep a stack of those right? ) to make sure you’re you. Technically you need to contact whoever has your ID number and inform him of the change, which is both impractical and makes no sense, since you STILL don’t have your have your valid old ID when you ask them to change. Trust me, live with the outdated info as long as you can.


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