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Shopping carts




At least once a week/ every other week, I find an abandoned shopping cart on residential streets. And usually it disappears by the following day…


6 thoughts on “Shopping carts

  1. My favorite Greek shopping cart observation is how you can find them in many public services, e.g. the post office, where they are used to move piles of documents or letters around. Stolen shopping carts, at public government establishments…


  2. Hello,

    I was the one who shared your blog on reddit.com/r/greece. I did not expect the post to become so popular and that’s why I didn’t ask for your permission before I share it.

    As for the carts, only one super market chain (sklavenitis) have this policy. Other super markets don’t allow their carts to be taken off their premises and have a lock (require a coin).


      1. I’ve read on the internet an article about the chain a few months ago.

        This policy was actually put in place by the founder of the chain a few decades ago and it just never changed since the customers liked it. The founder thought the super market should show that it trusts its customers. He also didn’t want to ask the customers to put the carts back to their place since he thought that it is the supermarket’s job that rather than the customers’.

        The article also mentioned there are other unique things about this chain. For example it has never advertised on TV.


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