Japanese language


I read and listen in Japanese everyday, but I can understand that “input” and “output” are completely different. I’m also having a trouble with Kanji (Chinese characters). Since I don’t have opportunities to write in Japanese daily, sometime I cannot remember elementary-school level Kanji… Advertisements

Everyday life

Laikes Agores

      Insufficient attention to surroundings + trolleys + crowd are the worst combination for laikes agores (street markets)… Otherwise, prices are much better than those in regular super markets. It usually starts from 8am and ends at around 3pm. I usually go after 2pm when prices become lower.  

Everyday life


I haven’t seen any apartments with room numbers. I wonder that’s because each apartment building has only a few households… In Japan, even with only 4-5 households, room numbers are always assigned and mails are delivered to respective mailboxes, so it was something surprised me. So far, the system is functioning fine for us though.… Continue reading Address