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Where do you sit??









I had never thought of sitting in the front seat of a taxi when you are alone… it seems a little (actually very) awkward to me.

I’ve heard that in Australia it is also common to sit in the front seat. I’m curious to know about other countries…


8 thoughts on “Where do you sit??

  1. It’s pretty awkward for me too, so I always sit in the back. No one’s gonna take it the wrong way if you sit in the back. It’s just as normal.
    I’d also prefer it if they didn’t attempt to start a convo, but that’s how we are I guess. Always something to say…


  2. Personally I always sit up front. I like the view and it doesn’t feel awkward at all. Most of the women I’ve met sit at the back though, I guess they feel safe than sitting right next to a stranger.


  3. I feel the same as you. I think it’s chatty people who sit in the front seat. Taxi drivers have a reputation for being chatty, so if you’re chatty yourself you would want to make it easier by seating next to the driver.


  4. just found this blog and I find it awesome so I might spam you with some comments.
    Anyway, the reason people are doing it in Greece is because it is generally considered rude to sit in the back and not in front. For that reason we tend to sit in the passenger seat next to the taxi driver.


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