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Road to Residence Permit (1)


This proof of health insurance was the beginning of all the troubles.

Back then, I had a travel insurance, but it didn’t fulfill the requirements. Therefore, we decided to register myself as a dependent under my husband’s insurance. (Besides, we had to do this process anyway)





I thought that this was THE classic example of bureaucratic system……

The long long path to my residence permit has just begun.


6 thoughts on “Road to Residence Permit (1)

  1. Hi there, as much as I agree with you that bureaucracy in Greece is a pain – it is clear that you need a private health insurance for proving you are insured while residing in Greece without public health insurance (i.e. while waiting for your permit to come out in order to be able to have public insurance).

    What I did when I applied for my residence permit for the first time (back in ’08), was to get a 1 year insurance with a private company (in my case, Ethniki) and applied with that – everything went well, it took A LONG time to get the permit (about 9 months?), but while waiting, I was insured with my Ethinki insurance -which is what they want.

    Right after I got the permit, I insured myself with my partner’s IKA until I found a job.

    And right after that, for renewing you just need to prove that you’re still married and living together (contract for the house’s rent + marriage certificate).


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s my fault that I wasn’t clear in this post, but we are done with this process (2 years ago), and I have my permit now. Yes, I’ve heard that sometimes it takes ages to receive your permit…


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