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Road to Residence Permit (3 of 5)

We headed to the immigration office with my temporary proof of health insurance.











So, we achieved what we wanted with just one visit.

As you may imagine, the immigration office is a huge chaos. In order to ask a question, you need to pay a visit to the office and wait long hours because yes, no one answers the phone.

In addition, there are no signs to navigate ourselves, nobody knows accurate information, and everyone says something different, which greatly tortured us till the end.

(Websites from which I borrowed the images- http://www.dikaiologitika.gr, http://www.lykavitos.gr, http://dialogos.com.cy/, http://newpost.gr)


6 thoughts on “Road to Residence Permit (3 of 5)

  1. At least you have your Greek husband who can help you with this chaos. Imagine what thousands of immigrants who come here by themselves without knowing the language have to deal with


  2. The thing that frightens me more is the fact that there are still 2 parts left. I have a feeling that this story is not going to have a happy end…
    Also, welcome to our country! Have fun!


  3. My heart breaks for all these people waiting at the gates. </3 I am happy to hear you got your permit, and sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal for it. Whenever I had to deal with the Greek bureaucracy for whatever reason, I would be annoyed already days in advance anticipating the torture, and then days after trying to recuperate.


    1. Yeah it would be really difficult if you have small children with you… :(
      I know that the bureaucratic system exists in any country, but this one was very tough.


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