“Greek” Yogurt





At least for non-yogurt products, I suspect that the term “Greek yogurt” is used in package labeling just for advertisement purpose.

In the UK, “Greek yogurt” needs to be produced in Greece in order to be labeled as such.  For this reason, there are lots of “Greek style” yogurt (they may contain additives to create the similar texture).

In the US, there isn’t a such regulation, but there is a lawsuit filed in 2014 against a major yogurt producing company in respect to its use of the term “Greek yogurt” (and the term “evaporated cane juice” and its “0% claim”). I wonder if there will be a similar regulation (as in the UK) at some point in the future…

According to The Washington Post, the Greek yogurt trend seems to be fading, and “yogurt drinks” are now in fashion.

“Greek yogurt is no longer the trendiest yogurt” by The Washington Post (2016/10/13)


5 thoughts on ““Greek” Yogurt

  1. Yogurt is turkish, Greek yogurt is yogurt produced in Greece, The “Greek yogurt” is strained yogurt. Turkish company sold it in USA and made money and not Czech Republic is doing it too. They will not make money by using our name, they will pay royalties or stop using it. All of this is like the FYROM issue, incompetent politicians that dont have the knowledge or the will to maintain what is ours are causing Greece to constantly lose resources that could help us, Resources rightfully ours.


      1. Too late Greece gave away all it had for FREE, because we are freaking stupid. If they could copy the entire country like say software piracy, they would do it and they would take the Tourists too.

        Also the worthless socialist state is doing everything to stop investments because they dont know anything about capitalism. The only solution is liberal quick and simple investment laws with low tax, unless capital starts flying in the country and people engage in capitalism instead of waiting for the state to help them, nothing will ever change. To start this change the state needs to be reformed. All the socialists need to be kicked out and replaced with businessmen and scientists.


    1. The word yogurt may be of Turkic origin, but yogurt itself has been made in the Middle Eastern area for millennia, long before the Turks even imagined the area existed. It is highly unlikely that it is a Turkish invention. The Wikipedia article on yogurt should be enough to convince you. Also, the Greek yogurt sold by FAGE in the US is exactly the same strained yogurt we have in Greece.


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