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Serve after pouring syrup and sprinkling chopped walnuts↓


My husband’s mother uses 2kg of flour every year, which produce about 160 melomakarona. To tell the truth, I prefer them without syrup…, so this year I have asked her to set aside a few plain ones for me. (My husband absolutely refuses to even try without syrup.)

What surprised me was, of course, the step where you add ashes. Does anyone know why ashes are part of the ingredients??

Well, this is going to be the last article of 2016. I thank you all who visited my blog this year. I wish everyone a very happy new year!!



7 thoughts on “Melomakarona

  1. I think that they used ash before baking soda was invented and it was left as a step becaused it is how they always did the recipe in that family (my family’s recipe does not include ash for example) and/or maybe it changes the taste just so that leaving it out would not be the same.


  2. I haven’t heard of adding ashes to that recipe. My sister loves to eat them without syrup. I can’t. It’s like a biscuit. It’s my favorite Christmas sweet and very traditional.


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