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Who is the Culprit?







I only had experience with soft water, so I had never imagined that mineral deposits could build up so much…

When I had a better understanding about hard water after one year, I realized the cause of the problem. I’m glad we didn’t throw away the kettle!

Because I had never clean the kettle, it took me a whole day to remove the deposits completely. Since then I use vinegar to clean it regularly.

The water stains are problematic also in the kitchen sink and the bathroom. Hard water is such a nuisance when it comes to cleaning :(



10 thoughts on “Who is the Culprit?

  1. I use a mixture of vinegar, dishsoap and a little bit of rice. Then put on your favorite music and SHAKE !
    The rice does all the hard work for you.


  2. Hello! 😀 I found out your awesome blog just a few hours ago, and I totally love it! I read all your posts back to back. It’s interesting and sometimes funny to see the perspective from someone of different culture for your country. Keep up the good work! 🇯🇵
    Can I have your permission to write a post about you on my blog and use some of your drawings? I believe that other greek bloggers would love your blog too!


  3. Place a clam (or similar, I know the ones with the striated lines work) shell in the kettle, leave it in permanently, and you will never have to clean the electric kettle again since the shell will attract all the salts! Once in a while clean the shell from the deposits. Enjoy :)


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