Power of Souvlakia






I don’t understand why they taste so good…I can be as happy as when I eat Japanese food.

Our favorite souvlaki place is in our neighborhood. Their souvlakia are big and really tasty.


Usually we eat chicken pita gyros. Thinly sliced meat is layered vertically on a large skewer, and the meat is roasted while the skewer slowly rotates. The outside meat is shaved vertically when it becomes crispy. The shaved meat is wrapped with a pita bread along with onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes, and sauce.



10 thoughts on “Power of Souvlakia

  1. “I don’t understand why they taste so good…I can be as happy as when I eat Japanese food.”

    Such is the power of souvlaki….interesting fact, souvlaki is actually the kebab sticks, thats what souvlaki means, but the Athenians call the pie souvlaki because they dont like calling it gyros which is what is inside the pie.

    Also try it with mustard instead of tzatziki.

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  2. Do not let your husband steer you wrong on the matter of souvlakia ! Kalamaki is a straw and it is meant for drinking frappe. Souvlaki is the one with the wooden skewer! Calling gyros souvlaki is blasphemy.


    1. Come on man don’t bullshit people. It’s not just Athenians, I’ve gone and heard people in Kerkyra, Santorini, Kriti, Volos, Pelopponisos, Sterea Ellada, Ioannina, Palaiokastritsa… Most of Greece calls them like that. Thessaloniki calls them their weird way but don’t claim the other way is just Athenian.

      Also if you really want to get anal, kalamaki is a small reed. You want to be precise then you drink your frappe through a solinaki.


  3. Do a favor to yourself and visit Crete (Heraklion, specifically). First off, souvlakia (pitogyra < pita + gyros) there are HUGE (comparing to most pitogyra @ Athens). Second off, instead of tzatziki, they put plain yogurt, which is much better imho :) I love your food adventures ! Keep posting !


  4. Haha. I miss soulvakia and gyros so much! I suggest you visit Northern Greece and particularly Thessaloniki. They have the best soulvaki and gyros in good portions, not like in Athens which is small..


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