Greek language

Looong Words

  I’ve heard that German has many long words. I wonder if they are shortened when used. In Japanese, we tend to shorten words a lot. For example: Keitai denwa (cell phone) –> “Ke-tai” Convenience store(s) –> “Konbini” Shushoku katsudou (act of finding a job) –> “Shu-katsu” Remote controller –> “Rimokon” To copy and paste… Continue reading Looong Words

Something about Japan

Instruction Manual

My brain froze after reading the first sentence, so I couldn’t immediately understand that it meant “using.” Languages are so interesting/scary because just replacing one letter could change the meaning completely. I am assuming that this English instruction was prepared using machine translation. Personally it is difficult to understand why the company wanted to provide… Continue reading Instruction Manual