Greek language

Looong Words

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Long words5


I’ve heard that German has many long words. I wonder if they are shortened when used. In Japanese, we tend to shorten words a lot. For example:

Keitai denwa (cell phone) –> “Ke-tai”

Convenience store(s) –> “Konbini”

Shushoku katsudou (act of finding a job) –> “Shu-katsu”

Remote controller –> “Rimokon”

To copy and paste –> “Kopipe” (used as a noun)


5 thoughts on “Looong Words

  1. They might be long but you can understand their meaning


    παρασκευαστης= maker of goods

    Also the dish does not count because ancient Greek texts did not have any spaces so you are not meant to read it as one world.

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