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Before coming to Greece I was trying to avoid eating after 9pm, so “the Greek mealtime” puzzled me a lot.
Restaurants are still empty at 9pm, and it starts getting crowded at around 10pm. Sometimes I feel lucky that we can easily find a table at a restaurant because it’s “too early” by the Greek standard.

Now I’m not so particular about the mealtime, but my stomach still starts to demand food usually at around 12:30-1pm. (My husband and I made a compromise and we eat lunch at 1:30.) I guess, it is a matter of habit, and it will take some time to change. (When I was in school in Japan, we ate lunch at a little past 12, and at home we ate lunch at the latest by 1.)

For dinner, we try to eat between 8 and 9pm (except for eating out with friends), but if I’m home alone, I’m done by 8.


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