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Feeling adapted #2


Now if I eat plain tomatoes, it feels something is missing. I also add soy sauce as well. Olive oil and soy sauce is a great combination.


Actually, there is a name for this (bread dipped in liquid such as milk). It’s called “papara.” I asked someone about the “borderline” where this practice is acceptable. The response was that it is okay at home or at a taverna (a small restaurant that serves Greek cuisine), but maybe not at a fancy restaurant.


I found myself asking this question for the first time this year. The equation of “summer + sun = beaches” is sinking in finally…?

I feel this is one of the questions often asked at the beginning of summer. Another one is “Are you planning anything for your summer vacation?” After my school, I didn’t associate summer with vacations (because people could take a vacation in other seasons too), so it sounded unusual at the beginning.


2 thoughts on “Feeling adapted #2

  1. I discovered your blog on reddit and I like it very much, your insight is interesting and funny.
    I agree with soy sauce and tomato – I cook international cuisine and I often feel that something acidic (orange/lemon juice, tomato, vinegar) is always necessary to balance out soy sauce. Also traditionally a ripe tomato is served with flaky sea salt, so salt+tomato must be a classic combo.

    I found your comment on sea-summer-swimming very sweet. I read somewhere that Japanese people consider the “swimming” season very strictly until the end of August, and then no more. Is it true, and has this factored in your perception?

    Congratulations, keep it up, it’s a refreshing distraction from weekly chores and work!

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    1. Thank you very much for such a nice compliment.
      And thanks for the information about acidic food balanced out with soy sauce :)
      I’d say we would swim till the mid August. After that, sea is filled with jelly fish. I read in the news that Japanese are reluctant to go to the beach because the water is not so clean (which I agree).


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