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Visit to Japan

My apologies for a long silence! As I’m currently visiting Japan, I don’t have access to my pen tablet. Intead of my regular posts, I’d like to share some pictures I’ve taken here.

The first thing that impresses me everytime I arrive in Japan is parking.IMG_20171014_011427

Especially after getting used to this in Greece…IMG_20160326_114746 (800x600)


The prices of food shock me everytime as well… FYI, these prices are not per kg (nor lb), but per item. (100 yen ≈ 0.76 euro) These are the prices for 1 kg in Greece (some items are sold at even lower prices…).


Kretan olive oil (270g), “Greek” yogurt (80g)


The best season for fall foliage:IMG_20171029_084729 (1)IMG_20171029_084013IMG_20171029_083543IMG_20171029_082952IMG_20171029_082856



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