The sugar was absorbed by the dough, so it’s a good idea to sprinkle sugar after baking as well…

IMG_20171231_211527 (600x800)

IMG_20180103_145535 (600x800)

My slice had the coin (yay!) for the one we made at our house. For the one made at the in-laws, the slice for the “household” had the coin.

I wish you all happy 2018!!


5 thoughts on “Vasilopita

  1. Very often homemade cakes are made with olive oil and as few eggs as possible, the coin (flouri) is placed after backing and the year is formed inversely powdering the hole cake uniformly with powdered sugar and then slowly wetting your finger and scribing the year. Seasoned housewifes place the coin after backing and secretly mark the spot where it is so when the time comes for the husband or grandfather to cut the cake they only tell him where to start cutting so as the coin does not fall on Christ, the house, or the unfortunate among us, but to a person on the table. Also it’s definitely a cake not a bread, anything with sugar and eggs is a cake.

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