Freshly Pressed (photos only)

Last month, we harvested our olives and processed into oil.

IMG_20180201_111222 (600x800)

The bottle on the right is freshly pressed olive oil. It’s green and not transparent at all. It has a very distinctive flavour (“grassy”?), and I think some people wouldn’t like it. We don’t use fresh olive oil for cooking, but only for salad.

Also, we picked tons of lemons and oragnes.

IMG_20180201_110615 (800x600)

(or bitter oranges…?)

IMG_20180201_110800 (600x800)

Since there are so many, I made some preserved lemons (though it’s just a drop in the bucket).

IMG_20180201_155810 (600x800)



5 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed (photos only)

  1. I was given a lot of lemons from my Greek inlaws recently! Lemon-honey marmalade, lemon-ginger marmalade, candied lemon peel, lemonade syrup… and indeed preserved lemons. I wanted to make some lemon curd as well but I was afraid we wouldn’t finish it soon enough, I’m not sure how long it keeps.


    1. The issues are that you need a lot of space in your fridge and that they need to be something would last long enough… Last time, I made preserved lemons with 4 kg of lemons, which took up a large space, haha.
      Lemon curd sounds very nice! I may give a give a try :)


  2. A really easy way to preserve the lemon juice is to make ice-cubes. You can buy the plastic ones, that are not re-usable from the super Market. Every time you want lemon for your drinks, food or salad you can use the cubes instead.


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