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I wonder, if there will be a norm in the near future that Japanese men should remove their facial and body hair (like women are expected to do).

By the way, wearing beard is not usually allowed in the workplace in Japan.


14 thoughts on “Beards

  1. May I ask why is beard not allowed in the workplace in Japan ? and how is that even enforced ? Is there an actual law or sth the company makes you do ? I am aware that corporate culture is way different in Japan but that seems ….odd to me.


    1. The type of industries definitely weighs a lot. I think white-color jobs, the public sector, and the food industry have more strict rules for their appearance than others. My understanding is that beards are not associated with a clean look. It’s also considered that they give the sense of intimidation. So, if you are a salesperson, beards are a big no-no.


      1. That’s because with the beard, the Chemical-Biological Respirator (gas mask) does not apply correctly and you risk dying when you need to put it on.


  2. I started growing a beard since I was 14 and for a while I did the same thing as your husband. When you start chewing your mustache, it’s time for a shave. The last years however I just trim it. I don’t remember what my face looks like without a beard. :D

    It’s true that many Greek men have facial hair. I like it, I almost feel exposed without it.


  3. I think many Greek men have a beard because keeping a clean-shaved look would be a full-time occupation! By evening, an independent observer would not be able to see if my Greek husband shaved that morning or not!


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