Something about Japan

Visit to Japan

My apologies for a long silence! As I’m currently visiting Japan, I don’t have access to my pen tablet. Intead of my regular posts, I’d like to share some pictures I’ve taken here. The first thing that impresses me everytime I arrive in Japan is parking. Especially after getting used to this in Greece…  … Continue reading Visit to Japan

Everyday life

Sea = Hot Springs?

    Summer equals spending your time at the beach. People prefer sea for their vacation over mountains. Everyone, the young and the old, enjoys themselves at the beach. The sea cannot be separated from the Greek people, so I completely assumed that everyone learns how to swim in the sea in their childhood… However,… Continue reading Sea = Hot Springs?

Everyday life

Feeling adapted #2

Now if I eat plain tomatoes, it feels something is missing. I also add soy sauce as well. Olive oil and soy sauce is a great combination. Actually, there is a name for this (bread dipped in liquid such as milk). It’s called “papara.” I asked someone about the “borderline” where this practice is acceptable.… Continue reading Feeling adapted #2