Why do I call fennel “pancakes”? They’re supposed to be shallow-fried, but because I use much less oil, mine look like pancakes…       Because I didn’t use much oil on the phyllo sheets, they didn’t turn nice golden brown. (still tasty though)   I love the “pancakes,” but it’s pretty time… Continue reading Fennel



Last weekend, I made dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves) for the first time! I had been wanting to try, and I finally gave a try using fresh grape leaves from the laiki. Once boiled, lower the heat and simmer till cooked (with the lid on) . I compared different recipes and decided the ingredients and their… Continue reading Dolmadakia

Everyday life


Everyone manually locks their unit, but I think that in most of the apartment buildings, people don’t manually lock their main entrance. However, when it’s locked it can create problems because, as written above, you need a key to unlock. As I have written in a past post, I cannot understand why, in Greece, we… Continue reading Locks

Greek language

Looong Words

  I’ve heard that German has many long words. I wonder if they are shortened when used. In Japanese, we tend to shorten words a lot. For example: Keitai denwa (cell phone) –> “Ke-tai” Convenience store(s) –> “Konbini” Shushoku katsudou (act of finding a job) –> “Shu-katsu” Remote controller –> “Rimokon” To copy and paste… Continue reading Looong Words

Something about Japan

Instruction Manual

My brain froze after reading the first sentence, so I couldn’t immediately understand that it meant “using.” Languages are so interesting/scary because just replacing one letter could change the meaning completely. I am assuming that this English instruction was prepared using machine translation. Personally it is difficult to understand why the company wanted to provide… Continue reading Instruction Manual


Power of Souvlakia

    I don’t understand why they taste so good…I can be as happy as when I eat Japanese food. Our favorite souvlaki place is in our neighborhood. Their souvlakia are big and really tasty. Usually we eat chicken pita gyros. Thinly sliced meat is layered vertically on a large skewer, and the meat is… Continue reading Power of Souvlakia