Cabbage Consumption

We buy cabbages from the same person at the laiki agora. I cannot explain what’s so good about these cabbages. However, when we buy a cabbage from somewhere else, we cannot eat as much (it just doesn’t taste good). I like to add soy sauce into the salad. Olive oil and lemon go very well… Continue reading Cabbage Consumption

Everyday life

Who is the Culprit?

I only had experience with soft water, so I had never imagined that mineral deposits could build up so much… When I had a better understanding about hard water after one year, I realized the cause of the problem. I’m glad we didn’t throw away the kettle! Because I had never clean the kettle, it… Continue reading Who is the Culprit?

Everyday life


Serve after pouring syrup and sprinkling chopped walnuts↓ My husband’s mother uses 2kg of flour every year, which produce about 160 melomakarona. To tell the truth, I prefer them without syrup…, so this year I have asked her to set aside a few plain ones for me. (My husband absolutely refuses to even try without… Continue reading Melomakarona


Nutella vs. Merenda

Whether you are a Nutella lover or a Merenda lover, there isn’t much difference in how fatty they are… The big difference is the proportion of hazelnut. I can’t tell the taste of hazelnut in Merenda, so the percentage of hazelnut is understandable.  Maybe those who like hazelnut are likely to prefer Nutella…? Nutella is… Continue reading Nutella vs. Merenda


“Greek” Yogurt

At least for non-yogurt products, I suspect that the term “Greek yogurt” is used in package labeling just for advertisement purpose. In the UK, “Greek yogurt” needs to be produced in Greece in order to be labeled as such.  For this reason, there are lots of “Greek style” yogurt (they may contain additives to create… Continue reading “Greek” Yogurt


Secret to Health?

He says, he drinks mixture of one tablespoon of each ingredient (initially I thought he drinks a whole glass…). According to him, it improves the digestive system health. After checking online, I also found it is apparently good for the heart and helps relieving constipation and more…There are also different “receipts” including using honey and… Continue reading Secret to Health?

Greek language

A side effect of…

What is Greeklish? Please see the past articles –> Greeklish #1 and #2 Because I have lost much opportunity to handwrite Japanese, I also forget and make mistakes when handwriting kanji (Chinese characters), so I kind of relate to the situation. I have suggested he stop using Greeklish, but I guess it’s difficult to break… Continue reading A side effect of…