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Comicdom Con – Done!

I’d like to thank everyone who came to my booth this weekend at the Comicdom Con Athens. It was my first time, and I had no idea what to expect. I was also nervous interacting with people in Greek. However, I am so happy that I made a decision to participate. It was such a… Continue reading Comicdom Con – Done!


Comicdom Con Athens 2018

I’m happy to announce that I will participate in this year’s Comicdom Con Athens (April 20-22). I will be presenting my work based on this blog. I’m redrawing selected blog posts for the book. I also plan to include a few new topics which I haven’t published in my English blog. I will participate as… Continue reading Comicdom Con Athens 2018

Everyday life


When I searched online, there were so many different recipes, so in the end I didn’t really stick to a single recipe.  I wasn’t too fond of the combination of chocolate and orange. However, the outcome was surprisingly better than I had expected. (You can’t consume too many oranges in one batch though…) What is… Continue reading Orangettes


Freshly Pressed (photos only)

Last month, we harvested our olives and processed into oil. The bottle on the right is freshly pressed olive oil. It’s green and not transparent at all. It has a very distinctive flavour (“grassy”?), and I think some people wouldn’t like it. We don’t use fresh olive oil for cooking, but only for salad. Also,… Continue reading Freshly Pressed (photos only)

Everyday life

Did you feel it…?

In Japan, the Richter scale is used, but people tend to pay more attention to our own seismic scale. This scale measures the intensity of shaking (not the size of the earthquake itself) at different points on Earth’s surface. It’s measured using the units of seismic intensity (shindo) and is divided into 10 levels. (For more… Continue reading Did you feel it…?